Makeup Expiration Dates

skins 62 cosmetics set

Cosmetic companies are not required to put an expiration label on their products, but some of them still do it. So just like food labels, they have a date printed on the packaging. Others, are more cryptic with symbols and letters. For example, the symbol of an open lid means that the expiration will apply once it has been opened. When you see a letter “M” that means that it will expire in a month and “Y” for a year. If you don’t see the expiration dates on the label, follow these guidelines instead:


Lasts up to: 2-3 months

Toss it away as soon as it start to get clumpy and smelly. In addition, do not share mascaras as it can spread germs. If you need to share, use applicators that are disposable instead.

Concealers and Foundations

Lasts up to: 6-12 months

If the color has lightened or it has separated in layers, it is time to buy a new one. Keep these products away from the exposure of sunlight as it can destroy the preservatives and making it spoil faster.

Lip Gloss and Lipstick

Lasts up to: 1 year for gloss and 2 years lipstick

If your gloss has become too sticky or your lipstick too glossy, it is time to toss out those products.

Nail Polish

Lasts up to: 1-2 years

Nail polish can last for a long time but throw it out when the polish becomes separated in layers or it is goopy.

Powder, Push, and Eye Shadows

Lasts up to: 2 years

Powders are flaky and dry when they are expired. We suggest to invest on a sanitizer for your brushes to extend the longevity of your make up and to prevent the spread of bacteria growth.


Lasts up to: 8-10 years

When you perfume starts to dull out in scent, and smells different, it means that it has expired. Store your fragrances in areas that are cool so that they don’t oxidize.