You Shouldn’t Use Expired Makeup!

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It’s difficult to part with your beloved cosmetics specially when you shell out so much money for that one particular brand. Sadly, makeup expires which means that when they are used beyond their shelf-life, they tend to work ineffectively. Also, this can be tough on your skin which may cause breakouts. So consider yourselves warned, queen bees!

When does make-up expire?

There is no expiration labels on every products which makes it difficult for most of us to gauge when our makeup actually expires. However, this is not to say that makeup lasts forever. In fact, there are key rules that everyone should follow in terms of when to discard them.

Effects on the Skin

If you’re looking for an item where bacteria thrives, you can sure look at your expired cosmetics to find their safe house. Using them is unflattering to the skin since they may ultimately cause breakouts like rashes, lumps, or worse… Acne! What’s more horrifying is when using eye makeup, you are more prone to get an unwanted pink eye. Additionally, dermatologists states that expired cosmetics can cause a chemical breakdown that the skin may have an unfortunate reaction to.

Effectiveness of Expired Makeup

When you’re using makeup that is past its shelf life, its value is compromised. For example, take products that contains SPF components in them. When they are expired, your protection from the sun’s harmful rays is diminished leaving your skin exposed. Yikes!


Storing your makeup in a cool and dark storage is ideal. This lessen bacteria growth in your cosmetics that can cause skin problems. Also, proper storage may elongate the expiration date in comparison to storing them in warm temperatures. Keep in mind that when your makeup is exposed to high temparatures, the degeneration process tends to speed up.